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General chat and updates from the Spearfishing UK team. World records, spearfishing logs, quick guides, website news and more.

Jodie Hourd

July 2024 update: happy hunting!

July 2024 – Happy hunting! It’s mid-July, the season is well underway and two weeks into the summer  we’re loving the spells of warm weather and all the catch photos and vids you’re posting up in UK Spearfishing Buddies – keep them coming! If you’re happy for us to use them in our emails or on the blog (with … Read more

Last few Spearfishing Course places left

Last few places left for 2024 Our courses are almost booked out for this year If you have been thinking about taking a spearfishing course this year or you know someone who has, don’t miss out. Our spearfishing experience days have completely sold out and we’ve got just a few available dates left for our … Read more

Order now to make Father’s day the best ever

Sunday 16th June 2024 It’s not too late to get Dad a great gift this father’s day Check out these top suggestions from our spearo team. Please choose a suitable delivery service for your order to arrive on time – contact us at enquiries@spearfishing.co.uk, pick up the phone – 01726 213290 or catch us on Messenger if you’re … Read more

IFCA Rules for Recreational Fishing 2024 + Useful documents and diagrams.

Spearfishing in the UK is governed by your local Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA). This governing body has different rules depending on the region, so it’s worth double checking online for the specifics of your area – for example, Devon requires a shellfish permit for Scallops whereas Cornwall does not. Recreational : Cornwall Inshore … Read more

Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide 2024 – Choosing a wetsuit for Spearfishing – Ultimate Guide

This wetsuit buyer’s guide, updated for 2024, will help you choose the perfect wetsuit fit, material, brand and more. For UK diving you will need a 5mm wetsuit to dive through most of the year. It’s common practice for more hardcore divers to use a 2mm vest or 7mm wetsuit jacket in the winter to … Read more

Our Top Spearguns & Polespears for 2023/24 from £50-£500+

In this guide we review our top recommended spearguns and polespears for 2023/24. This guide is broken down into different price categories ranging from £50 to £500+ showing our top picks for spearguns and polespears. With so many guns on the market it’s hard to choose the right one that will suit your hunting needs, … Read more

Spearfishing UK Christmas Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that spearo in your life? If so you’ve come to the right place, we have compiled a list of our top recommendations and Christmas themed products to help you decide. And if your still not sure we have gift vouchers from £10-£1000 that make a great … Read more

Black Friday 2023

Black Friday Spearfishing Gear offers

We have some massive deals on this Black Friday week exclusively from the 20th to 27th of November 2023. With up to 50% off across the entire store and plenty of epic deals to make the most of. Here is a break down of our headline offers below: Spend £650 and get a free Pathos … Read more

Spearfishing UK – What’s new?

New products, spearfishing course updates and new product information. It’s been a busy few months here at Spearfishing UK so we thought we’d give an update. Product descriptions: Each of the websites category pages now has a detailed explanation and justification of the products we sell.  We cover a beginner’s explanation of what the category … Read more

Spearfishing bass – a how to guide

10lb Bass in the UK are every hunters dream and often a fish of a lifetime! It doesn’t matter if you are using rod and line or a speargun, this illusive prize has driven most of the fishing population stir crazy. Whilst no one can guarantee you such a trophy, there are things that you … Read more

Spearo to Speara: meet Valentine Thomas

Did you know the term for a female Spearo is a Speara? Possibly not, as there are not many out there – perhaps 1% of us? We’re really keen to challenge this and Valentine will be diving and writing with the team to give you a Speara’s take on our favourite sport. You can read … Read more

World Record Dog Snapper on Ascension Island

Ascension Island – Introduction I spent a week this March diving for Pelagics off Ascension Island in the South Atlantic with Colin Chester and Tony Eynon. We had a very successful trip, with me and Tony each landing 3 sailfish over 100 pounds. Knowing that big Dog snappers live on some of the ledges we … Read more

British Record Gilthead Bream

In early summer 2011 my extensive diving on Portland Ledges with Cameron and Rory Parker started to pay dividends. Most dives we would see a spectrum of fish including black bream, bass, cod, Pollack and, very occasionally, gilthead bream. Gilthead Bream Spearfishing The first dive I encountered GHB was about 17m dropping just behind some … Read more

BSA 2012 Competition Dates

Here are the BSA 2012 competition dates. We hope to see you there and good luck!   Venue Organising Club Date Backup Date Bognor Boat Southsea National Wed 2nd May Wed 16th May Vigo Spain CMAS Worlds 5th -8th July N/A St Ouens Jersey National 21st July N/A Budleigh Saltertons Exe National 12th August 26th … Read more

British Championships 2011

Final Results 2011 Season No Name Team Jersey Bigbrey Talland Ringstead Total 1 Gary Roche Lic Crystal Viz 87.26% 100 % 100 % 84.61 % 287.26 % 2 Kevin Daly Lic Crystal Viz 80.51 % / 98.56 % 77.90 % 256.97 % 3 Mick Veal Good Bad Ugly 62.36 % 47.93 % 65.82 % 95.17 … Read more

News from the British Team in Peniche yesterday…

Hi All, Just a quick update from the Euro African Champs in Peniche ….. After rather a long ferry trip from Plymouth to Santander and an even longer drive from the ferry in Spain down to Portugal we finally arrived in Peniche , only to find the water temperature had just dropped off and the swell had … Read more

November spearfishing

November is off to a good start with 14C water.  There are plenty of bream and bass off Portland Bill, and these should be around to the end of the month. The bass may hang around into mid December with a bit of luck. We had a nice haul of bass on the Bill at … Read more

October spearfishing

October is one of the best months for spearfishing, with large numbers of black bream and large bass present off Portland.  Visibility over the last few weeks has varied from 2m to 12m and we have been using guns from 80 to 140cm. We got a good catch of bream and bass on 1st October using … Read more

Recipe from Penny!

We celebrated my two world records last weekend in the best way I know how. By having some friends around to eat (some of) the fish I brought home from Ascension Island. I cooked the fish in various ways, but my fish balls were so delicious, I have decided to share my recipe on the … Read more

September blog

September is a key month in the UK spearfishing calendar! Firstly it has been a busy month for us, getting our website live for you, so we have not been in the water as much as we like. Titus managed to break his hand, his foot and an eardrum in Ascension so is out of … Read more

Two British Records fell this year to Rob Allen guns

The current British spearfishing records are listed below.  The current lemon sole and gilthead bream records were both landed in 2011 with Rob Allen guns.We anticipate the black bream and seabass records falling soon, given the number of sightings of 5lb black bream and 20lb bass this season. Cameron, Titus and Rory have all encountered the … Read more