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New products, spearfishing course updates and new product information.

It’s been a busy few months here at Spearfishing UK so we thought we’d give an update.

Product descriptions:

Each of the websites category pages now has a detailed explanation and justification of the products we sell.  We cover a beginner’s explanation of what the category is and how it’s used properly.  What the difference is between entry level and pro versions, an honest comparison of our items against other popular counterparts along with our justification of why we personally use the items we do.

We sell these products because we use them ourselves.  Be it on the courses we run, our personal adventures or the trips we guide.  If we didn’t use it ourselves then we simply wouldn’t bother stocking it.

If some of the brands are new to you then you’re not alone.  We just urge you to pop online and seek independent reviews and comparisons from international forums where the posters are exposed to all the available brands.  We are proud to offer you what feel are the best items on the global market over what is simply easily available to us within the European market.

Checkout our speargun page as an example

Spearfishing UK courses:

These have evolved greatly over the past few years and the result is a fantastic combination of freediving skills and spearfishing techniques.  We have updated the courses page to give you better insight into what is covered and what to expect.  You can check out the new itinerary for the spearfishing courses here:

HECS Wetsuits:

The first stealth technology to be introduced into a wetsuit and the biggest advancement in the past few decades.  A fine wire mesh is integrated in to neoprene which blocks your body’s electrical signals.  These signals are what fish and sharks use to detect predators or their prey.  These suits have shown divers ability to get closer to their targets time after time.  They also help to keep you off a shark’s radar if you dive with the toothy critters.  You can read more about wetsuits and HECS at the bottom of the wetsuit category page here:

Spierre carbon fins:

Never have we seem such admiration from both spearos and freedivers alike.  The performance on these blades are truly phenomenal.  Don’t take our word for it, google reviews on them for independent perspectives.  We will also be adding a whole range of camo versions in the next few weeks so keep a look out.  For the first time they are easily available throughout Europe from our store. You can check our the Spierre fins here.

Spearfishing charters

Sadly many of you by now will have heard the news regarding Ascension Island and their runway problems.  No one knows anything for sure right now aside there being a stop on civilian flights.  I was one of the last people off the island on our latest trip and the whisper going around at the time suggest a long term delay but we’ll keep you posted.

In the interim we are adding new destinations to Madagascar, Zanzibar, Lazarus bank live-a-boards and Cape Verde.  Keep your eye on www.spearfishing-trips.com for updates

UK charters

New for 2017 we will be offering spearfishing charters along many popular spots throughout the south coast from the Manacles area in Cornwall across to Portland and beyond.  We will be targeting a variety of different hot-spots, reefs and wrecks.  If you are keen then please get in touch to express your interest and we can start putting some dates down.


We are currently offering a juicy sale on many products from guns to wetsuits, so if you are in the market for something new this summer then it’s well worth checking out.

Happy hunting,

Tony Eynon

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