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Here you’ll find guides on what spearfishing equipment you need along with our recommendations and reviews.

Spearfishing equipment guide

Stay warm and dive for longer

Top tips from our spearos for staying warm in the water for longer. Getting cold in the water is the main reason why our dives get cut short. In this guide our spearo team shares a few ways you can stay in the water for longer. ๐Ÿ•’1 minute summary: Because of compression resistance, a spearo … Read more

Protect your spear gear with Sportube

Image credit: Sportube on Instagram For us spearos, adventure always awaits: but so does the challenge of keeping your gear safe while you chase it. When you’re heading away from home for spearfishing, the right protection for your equipment to keep it safe and extend its lifespan is crucial. This is where Sportube steps in … Read more

Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide 2024 – Choosing a wetsuit for Spearfishing – Ultimate Guide

This wetsuit buyer’s guide, updated for 2024, will help you choose the perfect wetsuit fit, material, brand and more. For UK diving you will need a 5mm wetsuit to dive through most of the year. It’s common practice for more hardcore divers to use a 2mm vest or 7mm wetsuit jacket in the winter to … Read more

Our Top Spearguns & Polespears for 2023/24 from ยฃ50-ยฃ500+

In this guide we review our top recommended spearguns and polespears for 2023/24. This guide is broken down into different price categories ranging from ยฃ50 to ยฃ500+ showing our top picks for spearguns and polespears. With so many guns on the market itโ€™s hard to choose the right one that will suit your hunting needs, … Read more

Spearfishing equipment beginner’s guide

If you’re starting out in the sport or seeking that upgraded, premium edge you’ve come to the right place. The brands and kit we stock here at Spearfishing UK are wholly specialised for the contemporary Spearfisherman and largely (but not entirely) angled toward the UK’s diver’s specific requirements. When beginning your spearfishing journey, one of … Read more

Spearfishing kit guide

Our useful spearfishing kit guide aims to inform the beginner and novice spearo of what you’ll need for a safe and successful dive. It will also help you to understand kit specifications, styles and makes. Once you’re ready, head on over to our spearfishing shop. Speargun Well, the first thing you need to go spearfishing … Read more

Rob Allen carbon spearfishing fins review

Nobody is more brutal with their spearfishing fins than I am, fact. A quick check of the shattered carbon in the garage reveals that I have written off no less than six pairs of carbon fins (OMER, Leaderfin, C4) over the last five years and two pairs of fiberglass (OMER) fins. So, who better to … Read more