April 24, 2019

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    From holes and caves to the big game in the open water, our vid will assist you in making the right choice for you.

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    Everything from beginners' guides and location information to equipment reviews and dive reports.

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Welcome to Spearfishing UK

It’s our mission to bring you the very best of everything spearfishing.  From premium spearfishing equipment to the ultimate spearfishing charters around the world and everything in-between.  We are not a huge corporate spearfishing Mega Store and have no ambition to be.  We are a small group of passionate spearo’s with some solid experience and are happy to share what we know.

Our spearfishing equipment

The products we sell and the brands we work with were not forged out of convenience, quite the opposite.  We spearfish around the world (when money allows) and hunt some of the hardest species there are.  Along the way we learn very quickly what holds up to the challenging conditions and what’s just hype. what we need in our dive bags and what we can leave at home.

The spearfishing gear we stock is not particularly easy to get here, but it is amongst very the best available.  We stock it because we want to use it.  We would not stock any anything we would not take away with us ourselves. Rob Allen spearguns and equipment:  No other manufacturer has taken so many spearfishing world records. 

Check out the IUSA website for proof, they record all the confirmed world records.  The equipment is so robust, accurate and powerful that when people switch, they very rarely go to another brand. This isn’t hype, take for example Rob Allen rubber.  It’s produced in a different way to normal European speargun rubber.

It’s produced via a dipping method in the same way candles are made to get their thickness.  It’s so much more powerful than traditional European brands that they need to make their spears out of a denser ‘springer’ steal.  Again these are more robust and resistant to damage over the traditional stainless steel spears commonly available in your dive shop.

The other major global brand we partner with is Riffe International, the famous wood spearguns.  These are not cheap guns by any means, but they are the best wood guns around aside going for a custom one off.  If we are hunting the heaviest monsters of the deep then we will most likely be using a Riffe. The Rife Euro series are incredibly guns and works of beauty.  Again they have the dipped power bands and other innovations like magnetic rails for quick loading.  No hype, just hard core practical equipment that will never let you down.

If these brands and names are new to you, you’re not alone but I urge you to just google them, read the reviews on the forums and make your own truly informed decision instead of choosing between what is presented to you at the scuba shops

Overall our spearfishing equipment may not be the cheapest on the market but we are proud that we don’t compromise on quality.

Spearfishing advice

There is no one setup that is perfect for every situation so it’s critical you buy smart the first time. We don’t mind who you buy from, everyone has a different budget and there is no room for spearfishing snobbery.  We’re all about the sport and helping it progress in the UK safely.  So if you need some advice, no matter what it’s about, from gear to hotspots, please feel free to get in touch.

Spearfishing courses

If you’re keen to try out this exciting sport but want some training to ensure you are safe and effective then may be one of our spearfishing courses is for you.  Be it just a fun experience day as a gift or some in-depth training to get you started on a sound footing.  We supply all the spearfishing equipment needed on the day from wetsuits to spearguns, you just need to turn up and we will take care of the rest.   Click here to find out more about our spearfishing courses

Spearfishing charters

Our sister site www.spearfishing-trips.com offers charters to some of the most incredibly destinations in the world.  Some holidays cost a kidney while others can be shore dived for free.  Ascension Island, the Azores, Africa and many more places not list on the website.  If you go on one of our trips then you will be entitled to discount spearfishing equipment to help you out.  We are all about the adventure not the bottom line.

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