Ladies' Spearfishing Wetsuits

With more women getting into spearfishing, manufacturers are now making wetsuits that take into account the differences in women’s bodies to men’s. Moray, Jak Boeno and Omer currently do specific ladies spearfishing wetsuits that have been tailored around the female form for better comfort and aesthetics.

However, it’s still good to have a chat with our team about the best wetsuit for you. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and each wetsuit manufacturer has differences in their sizing and cut, so we can help point you in the direction of the best choice for your body type. Poorly fitting wetsuits not only look bad but also result in pockets of water around your body that will very quickly cool you down and cut short your time in the water!

Another option of course is a custom wetsuit – you provide 22 different body measurements with a Polosub custom wetsuit including a couple of extra that are just for women, giving you a perfect fit.

Note that we have two great value spearfishing packages for spearas which include the Jak Boeno suit.

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Ladies spearfishing wetsuits