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Spearfishing UK Christmas Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that spearo in your life? If so you’ve come to the right place, we have compiled a list of our top recommendations and Christmas themed products to help you decide. And if your still not sure we have gift vouchers from £10-£1000 that make a great gift for any occasion.

Any orders placed in December automatically enter you to win the following items: £50-100 = Moray Storm Chaser Poncho, £100-£200 Moray Explorer Backpack in Black & Over £200 Rob Allen Kawa Carbon 90cm

Noob Spearo 99 Recipe Cook Book £34.99

Curated by Shrek Daily, the man behind the Noob Spearo Podcast, this book is full of crowdsourced recipes from the spearfishing community from all around the globe. Most recipes require 30 mins or less prep time and have suggestions for replacements in case the fish in the recipe cannot be caught in your area.

It is a beautifully presented and high quality hardback book with step by step guides on each recipe.

Noob Spearo 99 Tips to get better at spearfishing £14.99

This Book does exactly what is says on the cover “Actionable information to improve your spearfishing”, the book is primarily aimed at beginner or new spearos but still has a lot of useful information even for seasoned spearos.

The book is broken down into 11 sections covering everything from freediving skills & equipment to blue water and hunting technique.

Just like the 99 Recipes book it is beautifully presented with lots of great imagery and advice from pros.

Perfect stocking filler for any diver.

Find both books here

Moray Storm Chaser Hooded Poncho £64.99

The Moray Storm chaser is designed for you to escape the weather. A heavy duty water proof outer and a toweling inner will protect you from the elements.

Perfect for use all year round, especially the colder months.

Built in front pocket
Built in hood
Tough water proof rip stop outer
One Size fits all


Christmas Gift Hampers

We have created 5 unique, customizable and themed gift hampers which make a great stocking filler. Each package has a 12.5% discount applied to the items.

SFUK’s Christmas Hamper £34.16

Our best selling and biggest hamper with a wide range of items perfect for any Spearo, the hamper includes the following:

Rob Allen Tip Protectors, Cressi Anti Fog Mask Spray, Sigalsub Thermal Bottle 400ml, Octacle or Slippy Wetsuit Lube, Noob Spearo 99 Recipes, Rob Allen Speargun GoPro Mount.

SFUK’s Christmas Hamper – Customize it £20.23

This package is designed to offer lots of options to customize your gun or fins and give them a new lease of life, this hamper includes the following:

Reef Runner gun & fin skins, Rob Allen Spear Tip Protector, Rob Allen Snap Clip Muzzle Bungee (choice of 4 colours), Rob Allen, Pathos & Sigalsub Coloured Handle Grips

SFUK’s Christmas Hamper – ReRig it £16.17

Perfect package to set you up with all the necessary accessories and parts to be able to re rig your gun and bands, perfect if your going on a spearfishing trip or want to have some spares in case the need arises.

This package includes: Epsealon 25m Mono Kit Red, Rob Allen Snap Clip bungee, Rob Allen Tip Protector, Sigalsub nylon wishbones, Riffe Spectra 1000lb, Rob Allen Wishbones, Rob Allen Tie Line.

SFUK’s Christmas Hamper – Float kit £31.93

A float is something every diver should have, its a key safety feature that you should not dive without, this package will be set up by us ready to use with all the lines and bungee connected together for ease of use.

This package has the choice between the Picasso Hydro or Torpedo Float and includes the following lines and accessories, Rob Allen Tuna clips, Rob Allen Speed Stringer, Picasso Line winder, Rob Allen heavy Duty Float line and Dyneema Core Bungee. This gives you an easy to use and efficient float setup that is able to take out the pressure from swell and wind, designed to rig straight to your gun for the most efficient and safest way to hunt.

SFUK’s Christmas Hamper – Catch & Keep £35.06

This hamper is themed around your catch and features key bits of gear for securing and retrieving your catch such as the Picasso mesh bag, Espealon T-Tool Fish Killer, Picasso Crab Hook and the spearmaster stringer.

Spearo Cash Gift Vouchers & Course Vouchers

Always a great gift if you’re not sure on exactly which items to buy. This gives you the options of £10, £25, £50, £100, £150, £250, £500 & £1000 vouchers allowing the person to spend the value on the gear they want.

The vouchers can also be used towards courses, or you can purchase our purpose built course vouchers and give the gift of spearfishing for Christmas.

Spearo cash


Check out our wide range of shirts, hats and beanies Spearfishing Apparel – Spearfishing UK

Our favorites are the Riffe T-Shirts and hats as they have a range of awesome designs and the shirts are lightweight and high quality.

Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

An amazing bit of safety kit purpose built for divers, waterproof to 130m this personal locator beacon can be activated in an emergency once the diver is at the surface and will notify local coastguard rescue assets and any nearby vessel within 34 miles to come to your aid.