Spearfishing is a sport done on breath hold, and taking freediving courses is where you learn how to breathe correctly before a dive, take the most efficient last breath, and learn to do recovery breaths, which are vital in help preventing black out.

On a freediving course, you also learn the most efficient duck diving and finning techniques, correct buoyancy control and rescue and recovery techniques. When you freedive or spearfish, you only have one โ€˜tankโ€™ of air – the air in your lungs. So you need to learn how to minimise effort and maximise efficiency.

Freediving courses show you how to conserve your energy so that you have more bottom time and more chances to hunt fish safely.

On this page you can find out more about freediving courses and freediving holidays.

  • Freediving courses

    Freediving Courses

    Want to get the best out of your spearfishing? We recommend you take freediving courses with our partners Go Freediving, the UKโ€™s leading teachers of freediving courses.

    Freediving courses

  • Beginner’s freediving course

    Freediving beginners course

    The best beginner freediving course is the RAID Freediver Course. It takes place over at least two days and gives a thorough grounding in the sport of breath hold diving.

    Beginner’s freediving course

  • Advanced freediving course

    Freediving advanced course

    The next step in your diving progression is the RAID advanced freediving course. This course is for spearos who are looking to take their hunting deeper, and for blue water hunters.

    Advanced freediving course

  • Freediving holidays

    Freediving holidays

    Freediving holidays are an incredible opportunity to use your freediving skills in a whole new environment, and take freediving courses in warm blue water. Go Freediving has been running freediving holidays since 2004 all over the globe.

    Freediving holidays