Spearfishing bass – a how to guide

10lb Bass in the UK are every hunters dream and often a fish of a lifetime! It doesn’t matter if you are using rod and line or a speargun, this illusive prize has driven most of the fishing population stir crazy. Whilst no one can guarantee you such a trophy, there are things that you can do to greatly improve your chances of finding one such as the environment you are hunting and the gear you are using. The video below explains everything you need to know to maximize your chances of bagging one of these monsters – How to catch bass… preferably a 10 pounder!

Be mindful of where you are hunting your bass and this goes for spearos and anglers alike. The big bass when cought tend to be found in deep water around 15 meters plus, strong currents or spots of heavy cover. Also never forget to check any caves and holes nearby as they can often be found taking shelter in them. In the past when spearfishing and angling I have also cought Bass in a bit of swell where the sea water churns up the white water around the rocks. These have usually been smaller bass though, the biggest getting to about 5 pounds. They hit these spots hunting sand eels and I have always found them to act skittish. The spearfishing equipment that has worked well for the Crystal Vis team amongst other things has been the Rob Allen 110 carbon as shown in the video. The double bands have ensured the penetration power along with the maximum available range. We always double wrap our lines to capitalise on this too. The locking barb which I believe is not found on any other Euro speargun sold in the UK, really helps secure your fish when it starts thrashing around and darting for cover in the rocks or weed. Another trick we try is to tie an luminous angling squid or something similar to the end of your speargun. We’re not sure if it really helps but we appreciate it there when nothing else seems to be working : ) Anyway I hope this helped you gain a better understanding of how to catch Bass in the UK and what spearfishing gear to use etc. To check out the speargun shown in this video just click on the link and to see more information on hunting bass then click one : ) Give us a call if you would like to talk further on anything covered here – we would love to hear from you!

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