Spearfishing gear

An extensive range of the premium end spearguns, wetsuits and spearfishing fins from the global market outside of the typical European brands found in scuba shops. We only stock spearfishing gear that has been tried and tested both here in UK waters and on our trips abroad.  We choose to stock these products because we use them and feel they represent the best of what is available on the global market. For more information on these brands please take a quick look at the explanations and justification below. As always, we urge you to do your own research and simply just Google reviews to get *independent* perspectives.  Thanks for looking 🙂

Spearfishing gear

Our mission is to offer you the very best spearfishing gear that we have personally tried and tested in the field while never compromising on quality regardless of the price consequences.  We will never offer a product for sale that we don’t personally use ourselves and our promise is to never sell something purely because we feel it has a strong marketing potential.

We sell the equipment on this site because we use it ourselves either here in the UK or abroad on our charters and that is ultimately what drives us.

If these brands and names are new to you, you’re not alone but I urge you to just google them, read the reviews on the forums and make your own truly informed decision instead of choosing between what is presented to you at the scuba shops simply through a fortunate marketing and distribution partnership.


No other brand in the world holds as many world records as Rob Allen does and there is a very obvious reason for that.  Closely following behind is Riffe, king of the woodies.  Globally these are the two top brands without question.

Why don’t you see them in the dive shops?

The typical Euro gun you see in the dive shops are most popular around Europe because of the distribution channels via these scuba shops.  Dive shops have had long standing relationships with Beuchat, Cressi and Mares etc selling scuba gear, they are primarily scuba manufacturers.  When they started introducing spearguns to their range then it was easy for these companies to get them shelf space and more importantly visibility, so it’s understandable that they have a big presence.  Google their main company sites and its clear to see what their main focus is.

Manufacturers like RA and Riffe are purely spearfishing manufacturers, that’s their soul focus instead of it being a bolt on product.  However they don’t have the close relations with scuba shops and therefore often went down the soul distributor route.  Instead often choosing just one spearfishing focused distributor in each country.  In this case they both partnered us and we’re proud to represent them.

Do brands like Rob Allen really have more powerful spearguns than the other European brands?

Yes they really do and the reason is simple but most people don’t know it.  It’s to do with the rubber used for the bands.  Most companies use an ‘extrusion’ manufacturing process which cures quicker but suffers because of the additives it needs to achieve this.  This is a faster cheaper process.

By comparison Rob Allen uses a dipping process to achieve the thickness in the same way a candle is repeated dipped to get its width.  You can only use pure latex for this, the purer the better.  The result is a much more powerful elastic that degrades at a slower rate.

If you want to check what rubber you currently have then see if it’s a block colour like black throughout.  You can’t dye pure latex. You can also see rings at the end of RA rubber like you see when you cut a tree in half – that’s the true sign you have premium rubber.  See our gun rubber sales page for more information on this.

Gun handles and firing mechanisms

All our guns have ‘metal load bearing components’ which means it could last you a decade onwards.  Cheaper guns don’t have these heavy duty components which simply means it will never be a 10 year gun, it’s a consumable that will need to be replaced at some point.


Aside the typical hardwearing spearfishing wetsuits we bring you HECS.  The first genuine wetsuit innovation in about 20 years.  The outer skin of the neoprene is covered in a flexible wire mesh which dramatically reduces the electrical signals that fish use to detect danger or their prey.  Effectively an underwater stealth suit that allows you to get closer to your fish for longer.  For those that fish in sharky waters this gives an extra layer of attack prevention as it works on them in the same way.

The Rob Allen and Riffe suits are very warm, flexible and hold up to an onslaught of abuse.  We use these exclusively on our courses for that very reason, we know they can take real hammering and we won’t have to keep replacing them, that’s commercial level testing on a casual purpose wetsuit and it passed with flying colours saving us a fortune.

Spearfishing fins

At the entry level we offer you the Rob Allen Scorpia which again we used religiously on our courses simply because we never have to replace them.  The performance for such a low cost fin is exceptional. We have pulled fish up from 20 meters no problem which is far beyond the average design purpose of a low cost, entry level fin.

For the ultimate performance we are now the European distributor for the legendary Spierre carbon blade.  Remember if these brands and names are new to you, please just google reviews of them and see where they sit amongst the top divers in the world – don’t take our website copies word for anything you read here.

Never before have fins been held in such high regard by both pro-freedivers and spearos alike.  The energy return on Spierre blades are phenomenal and they are as durable and hardwearing as they are effective.  These are my blades of choice every time for a reason.

It’s hard to get too excited by much of the other spearfishing gear we sell as dive big is a dive bag and a clip is a clip.  But from the spearfishing floats to the float, line I can guarantee you we have put it through its paces either here in the UK or on charters abroad.  We have found it represents the best offerings we can find in that category on the global market.  There has always been ‘something’ to us which has put it above its competition and this why we offer it to you.  Be it durability, functionality or just pure effectiveness at its design purpose, its what’s in our personal bags for our own use.

Each of the category pages has our explanation of why we feel this to be the case and remember, don’t take our word for it.  Please do your own research and verify what we say, that’s the best way to cut through any marketing hype.