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Speargun Spears

Compatible with all European gun brands, we stock Rob Allen speargun spears because of their superior qualities.

Made from springer steel, they have a higher tensile strength than the common stainless steel spears.

*The stronger the spear, the faster it can be fired*

All spears have maximum speed they can be fired at before they become inaccurate.ย  The thicker the spear, the stronger it is.ย  The higher the tensile strength, the stronger it is. The stronger it is, the faster it can be rigged to be shot.

Obviously other factors also come in to play, such as the overall weight of the gun.ย  Heavier guns have less recoil than lighter guns.

They also weight the same as the common stainless steel spears like for like.

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Speargun spears

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Which length of speargun spear do I need?

You need to check with your specific brand but for most you simply add 40cm to the length of the gun.ย  So if you have a RA80, then you would typically need a 120cm spear.ย  Some people like to go 10cm shorter to improve manoeuvrability in the water and this absolutely fine.

We stock spears starting as short as 80cm going all the way up to 200cm in 10cm increments.

Which diameter spear do I need?

This is a topic of much debate however we are glad to offer our opinion.ย  Traditionally single band guns are rigged with anything up to a 7mm spear with the twin bands edging upward to 7.5mm.

There is a debate to say that a twin band gun in the UK is overkill with a 7.5mm spear and that may be true.ย  Personally, we all use twin bands with 7.5 and never regret it.ย  When the vis is poor or when we are hunting in the rocks and holes we drop down to a single band.ย  When the vis is good and we want to maximise our range we put both on.ย  For us this versatility works perfectly.

That said our biggest UK seller is the Sparid which has a single rubber and a 6.6mm spear, so in that regard the masses have spoken.

Blue water spearfishing.

For blue water, hunting the larger pelagic fish or thicker fish in the reefs, 99% of people go for a twin band gun like the RA Tuna.ย  The 7.5mm offers phenomenal penetration even at the outer edges of the guns range.

Spear tips:

All RA tips are tri-cut.ย  Tri-cut tips have shown to be more effective at cutting through flesh and bone than the traditional cone shaped counterparts.ย  We even use tri-cut tips on our stringers for the very same reason.

Spear notches:

While they are available in a variety of finishes such as pins and shark fin, we only stock notches because itโ€™s the most popular by a long way.ย  Also with so many potential combinations they are a bit of a nightmare to stock fully.ย  With 13 different lengths available in 4 different diameters with 3 different notch options that leaves 156 different types of spear that we would need to hold stock for each!


They are made from a Carbon alloy spring steel which is oil quenched and tempered at 2100Mpa. ย Each spear is heat treated and quality checked by staff before being machined.ย  They achieve superior corrosion resistance through a process called Quatro phase coating which is 5 times better than conventional electro galvanising.

All edges like the shooting line hole and wishbone notches are polishes to ensure no rough edges to agitate either the shooting line or the dyneema wishbone.

Spring steel is much stronger than normal steel making it harder hitting and longer lasting.

If you have any questions on what the best spear for your gun is then please get in touch.