Spearfishing guides

New to spearfishing?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Spearfishing, from getting the right kit to finding out about the sport.

Beginners’ guides

Where to fish:

Spearfishing hotspots

With the aim of rekindling your sense of adventure and exploration, we share our best spearfishing hot spots with other spearos.

Spearfishing hotspots

How to hunt:

Spearfishing techniques

Our technique guides are perfect if you want to learn more about the different techniques used to hunt bass and various other species.

Spearfishing techniques

Species guide:

Spearfishing species hunting guide

Here you’ll find guides to the different species of fish you can hunt when spearfishing with tips, photos and advice.

Species guides

What to buy:

Here you’ll find guides on what spearfishing equipment you need along with our recommendations and reviews.

Equipment guides & reviews

Get involved:

Spearfishing clubs, competitions and convo

Here you’ll find info on joining spearfishing clubs in the UK as well as the latest on spearfishing competitions.

Clubs, competitions and convo