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July 2024 update: happy hunting!

Underwater spearfishing photo

July 2024 – Happy hunting!

It’s mid-July, the season is well underway and two weeks into the summer ☀️ we’re loving the spells of warm weather and all the catch photos and vids you’re posting up in UK Spearfishing Buddies – keep them coming!


If you’re happy for us to use them in our emails or on the blog (with a credit to your Insta etc), please tag Spearfishing UK when you post them in the group!

Below we’ve updated you on what’s new in and some of our bestsellers this month.

Nick Collins

The above pics are from our sponsored diver Nick Collins showing off a very nice catch – bass, cuttlefish, plaice, monkfish. 

Top pick:

Dive deeper, for longer

Spearmaster Fibreglass Fins

£134.99 + foot pockets

Spearmaster blue fins

If you’re still using plastic fins, these fibreglass fins from Spearmaster are a really good step-up, especially if you’re starting to dive deeper.

“Jumping from Plastic fins to Fibre is probably the most noticeable difference in performance that you will feel compared to changing from fibre to carbon. An entry level pair of fibre fins will likely last you years before needing an upgrade and are generally considered as a intermediate level pair of fins.

Fibreglass fins are very durable but still lighter than plastic fins, making them perfect for shore divers, especially those with a tendency to abuse their kit or not watch what they are kicking. You still need to be careful of not kicking off the bottom or standing on your fins because these fins can flex more they can be broken if pushed past their limit, just like plastic or carbon fins.

If you are wanting to improve your depths or swim further but are on a bit of a budget then fibre fins are the way to go.”

~ Chris Moakes, Spearfishing UK team manager

Spearmaster Fin Blades are produced from some of the finest of materials available and will hold up to the most demanding conditions.

The Company started in 2004 when Jan Krynski started making waves in the spearfishing market by delivering high quality well priced products. They really do deliver exceptional products for the price.

Pricing is £134.99 plus the foot pockets which are £46.99 – £51.99 depending on size, so around £180 all in.

More info and buy | See all spearfishing fins

Bestsellers this month:

Complete with cool pouch

Moray explorer backpack



No matter your experience level, this is the bag for your next mission! Carry all your gear on your back on the way to your dive spot. This awesome bag from Moray includes a chilly bin compartment to keep your catch fresh as the weather heats up. There’s space for two spearguns and also a waterproof pocket for your phone.

More info and buy | See all spearfishing bags

A knife and a very handy extractor:

Labrax Thor Knife (18+)


Labrax thor knife

This is a great knife from Labrax for its high quality blade and reinforced tip. It also has slots in the handle which can be used to free shafts that are stuck in the rocks which is super useful.

In theory it can also be used to (attempt to) bend bent shafts back into alignment, although this is pretty tricky and we like it more for its spear extractor function. It can hold shafts up to 8mm in diameter.

Get the Labrax arm band for an extra fiver and you can keep it close.

More info and buy | See all spearfishing knives

1500 lumens:

Salvimar Galactika Torch 1500 Lumens


Salvimar spearfishing torch

This is a really decent, powerful and long-lasting underwater torch from Salvimar that is worth the investment. The LED offers a very bright 1500 Lumens and the angle of light beam is 11° in the central more powerful area, giving you a well-defined hotspot.

The great thing about this torch is that it charges magnetically, and there’s no need for O rings as it’s sealed from the factory. The integrated battery can be charged in only 5 hours and gives you 140 minutes of runtime, plus it’s waterproof to -100 meters. All of this and it’s not bulky at just over 16cm, weighing a tiny 196 grams. The battery has 1000 charge/discharge cycles giving you almost 3 years of use if you were diving and running it down absolutely every day (so many more years for the average spearo!). We think it’s a great buy.

More info and buy | See all spearfishing torches

Looking after the sea critters:

Slippy wetsuit lube


Slippy continues to be our best selling wetsuit lube and we sell a TONNE of this stuff but do you know why it matters?

A lot of people use shampoo and conditioner instead, and this more often than not contains non-biodegradable components that are toxic or severely damaging to the marine environment and its habitants, such as phthalates and parabens. It’s not just marine life that can suffer. The many other chemicals in these products might be fine for quickly washing your hair but they’re not designed for prolonged exposure to your skin.

Slippy is amazing value anyway, compared to shampoo and the like. One tub makes up an incredible 15 – 16 litres of lube. How much would 15 – 16 litres of even the cheapest shampoo cost?! It’s a good buy both for your pocket and for the ocean.

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Power and accuracy:

Rob Allen Sparid Rail


Sparid railgun

This is not just a bestseller THIS month, it’s a bestseller every month. But why? The aluminium range from Rob Allen really does offer unparalleled strength, durability and accuracy; these powerhouses are built to last. To put it into perspective we still sell replacement bands to a chap that bought his aluminium railgun in 1998!

If you want to know WHY this speargun is so far apart from everything else, read our full write-up here. You can also watch Rob introduce the Sparid here:

Right now we’ve got the 70s, 80s and 90s in stock ready to ship and we have Klarna/Pay in 3, subject to availability/status.

70s are commonly used in poor visibility, while the 80s and 90s are perfect for good visibility in the UK – on a glassy, crystal-clear day you want to be packing some extra length! The 80 is our bestselling length.

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Neale Crawford

One of our sponsored divers Neale Crawford showing off his catch after a spot of artic spearfishing in Norway last week.