Mask & Snorkel guide/recommendations for 2023/2024

Mask & Snorkel guide/recommendations for 2023/2024

We have compiled a comprehensive list of our best sellers, customer favorites and our personal choices for masks and snorkels. A few quick pointers when looking for masks, there is no such thing as one size fits all and masks are one of those things where you just need to try them on if you can do so.

A few misconceptions, “low profile masks have a small field of view” this is often assumed because of their small size, its actually the opposite as the lenses are closer to your eyes you don’t suffer any loss of vision compared to a standard mask and in some cases, it is improved.

“Single lens masks are better.” There isn’t any truth to this statement as it’s all about personal preference. When we are talking about spearfishing and freediving a dual lens mask will be lower volume and more flexible and better suited to our needs. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a single lens mask as they offer a wider field of view and have a more natural feel to your vision.

Low Profile Masks

SeaWolf £33.99/Atomic £41.99, Atom £69.99, Noah £40.99, Minisub £20.99, Hathor £33.99

Epsealon Seawolf/Picasso Atomic £33.99/£41.99

One of the most popular low-profile masks and one of very few available that does not have a solid frame and allows ultimate flexibility, able to bend in half with no issue. The Cressi Atom is a very similar shape and design and is also able to bend in the middle, the main advantage of this is reducing the volume of the mask whilst also offering superior comfort and reducing pressure points on the forehead and nose.

Epsealon Minisub £20.99

Our cheapest mask at £20.99 but also very low volume, making this mask great value for money for those wanting to try a lower profile mask.

Salvimar Noah £40.99

One of our top recommended masks for comfort and low profile, always highly reviewed by customers for having a very soft silicone skirt and great field of view. Available in 4 colours, Black, Black/Green, Green/Black, White/Blue.

Salvimar Hathor £33.99

Another great value and very popular low-profile mask available in 3 colours, Green, Black, Krypsis. Similar shape and style to the Noah but with a lower volume. Due to the shape of the lenses this mask has extra room for your fingers to pinch your nose and equalize.

Cressi Atom £69.99

Despite its higher price at £69.99 this mask has been very popular, and we have been very impressed with its features and design. This mask is like the Seawolf in that it has no solid frame and can flex completely on the nose and offers excellent comfort. The nose portion also has purpose built finger holes to aid in equalization.

Best sellers

Epsealon Minisub £20.99, Epsealon Deepsub £22.99, Salvimar Noah £40.99, Picasso Infima £38.99, Rob Allen Cubera £44.99

Best new mask of 2023

Cressi Atom £69.99

Despite its higher-than-average price at £69.99 this mask has been very popular, and we have been very impressed with its features and design. The Atom is a very low-profile mask and like the Epsealon Seawolf it has no solid frame and can flex completely on the bridge of the nose and offers excellent comfort. The nose portion also has purpose-built finger holes to aid in equalization.

List of all GoPro masks available on our website

Picasso Infima GoPro, Picasso Must GoPro, Salvimar Trinity, Epsealon Seaquest Motion, Cressi Action, Riffe Mantis (requires added mount)


Best Value

Labrax Oxxo Black £9.99, Epsealon Exal 3 £11.99, Rob Allen GT Black £9.99


Picasso Fit £14.99, Picasso Intro Soft £11.99


Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry £34.99

This premium valve snorkel utilizes a dry float system on the top of the snorkel to stop water filling the tube, the reliable valve on the bottom allows quick clearing of the snorkel by giving a quick blow. The dry system also forces you to take the snorkel out of your mouth which is the safest way to use a snorkel, otherwise the snorkel will vacuum to your lips and mouth.

Abysstar VIP £14.99

A budget valve snorkel similarly priced to standard tube snorkels, fitted with a basic valve and splash guard.

Unique Features

Rob allen snorkelRob Allen Camo Snorkel £13.99

This snorkel might seem the same as many but the RA Camo Snorkel is made from a floating plastic making it very hard to lose and will stop your mask sinking rapidly to the bottom if you drop it. The mask is also fitted with a very easy to use quick release bungee system for attaching to the mask.

Riffe Nekton £76.99

This mask is the lowest profile offering from Riffe, the mask is featured with quick release straps attached with a very strong silicone mold. Most masks can fail where the straps attach to the mask as the silicone attachments are very weak. The Nekton has a solid hook point that requires the strap to be pushed forward to release meaning it cannot snap by excessively pulling them.

Team Favorites – Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel, Riffe Scout Snorkel, Riffe Nekton Mask