Spearfishing Stringer

Spearfishing stringers are used to secure your fish to either yourself or more commonly, to a float.

There’s a few different styles around.ย  The most common is a short metal spike with about a meter of strong nylon line.ย  Some people push the spike through the eyes to get them on the line.ย  Others go down through the top of the head and out the bottom.ย  This later technique will also dispatch your fish for you and keep the fishes mouth closed reducing the overall drag. We tend to favour this technique over others.

Some people feed the spike through the mouth and out of the gills but you can lose fish this way in choppy conditions.

We also stock stringers made with a steel cable instead of nylon line.ย  Ideal if you’re heading away to sharky waters or are having seal problems. They may still be able to munch your fish but at least you save your stringer.

There is also a metal loop style, its less common but we stock them all the same.