Spearfishing Packages

Spearfishing UK is excited to present several heavily discounted, high quality spearfishing packages. Aimed at people looking to enter the sport or upgrade from their current set-up, there is a package for everyone.

Great value spearfishing packages that make spearfishing more accessible to everyone.

Packages for both entry level hunters and experienced spearos alike. Solid quality, tried and tested products at a discounted price.

We encourage you to research each item on the list and you will find they represent the pinnacle of quality for each given pricing point. If you don’t have the luxury of time, then rest assured Spearfishing UK has done the ground work for you with these well considered spearfishing packages.

The first thing we wanted to do was to make spearfishing assessable to everyone, regardless of financial standing.  We’re absolutely delighted to be able to offer a complete entry level package for just £442.70! That’s everything you need to get hunting and more.  While the price is ultra-low and ultra-discounted, we still selected the highest performing items at that pricing point.  Sure, you may want to upgrade down the line when you ultimately get hooked, but you won’t need to, and that makes all the difference.

We believe spearfishing is a right and not a privilege.  Hopefully this entry level package will help facilitate that notion.

Beyond that and you’re looking at the gear that we use ourselves, from Jak Boeno suits made from the latest Yamamomo neoprene to the RA guns we reach for when hunting.

Like all sports, you can spend thousands on top end gear if you want to. Hopefully these heavily reduced spearfishing packages will help you become part of the spearo community.  A community that prides itself on responsible and ethical food sourcing.