Rob Allen Zulu railgun carbon


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Rob Allen Carbon Zulu Railgun

The configuration:

  • 3 x finishes:
    • Blue camo – New for 2017!
    • Black carbon gold decals
    • Black carbon blue decals
  • Double 16mm bands
  • Integrated rail for deadly accuracy
  • 7.5mm tri-cut springer steel spear (much denser than stainless steel)
  • Pull wound carbon barrel
  • Mechanism manufactured from glass reinforced nylon
  • Camouflage edition
  • Double wrapped heavy duty shooting mono – 2mm thick with 400lb breaking strain
  • Muzzle bungee with quick release clip
  • Low profile muzzle

*Contact us if you can’t find the variation you want and we will order in*

The Rob Allen carbon railgun, Zulu edition.  Possibly the most sought after speargun on earth.  The twin 16mm, 160cm version is truly famous blue water hunters dream taking down tuna and wahoo everywhere.

It really is what legends are made of and all starts with the manufacturing process.  Each strand of carbon fiber is pull wound in a continuous flow using a phenomenal 4 tons of pressure.  This allows the fibre loading to be maintained at an insanely high level, far over the traditional mandrel wound tubes which is why Rob Allen’s technology blows the rest the competition out of the water.

Each barrel is pressure tested twice, immediately after it has been made and in a pressure tank for one hour at a depth of 40 meters.

The Zulu edition is the max power and range version.  Sporting twin 16mm rubbers we have to double wrap the shooting line so you can capitalise on all that extra range.  Some people say its overkill for the UK but we have seen a huge jump in demand for these configurations over the past couple of years.  People just don’t seem satisfied the older offerings any more

The spear is a stainless steel 7.5mm tri-cut projectile that is perfectly weighted for the twin bands.  The heavy duty mono shooting line has a ridiculous breaking strain of 400lbs, secured via stainless steel crimps and attached via a Rob Allen muzzle bungee.

This gun is very light yet incredibly strong, even up to 1.6 meter lengths.  Check out the IUSA world records and you will see heaps have been taken with Rob Allen carbon Zulus.  No other manufacture on earth can say this which is why you know from the onset that there is no ‘hype’ involved with this gear. Make no mistake; Rob Allen is the Chuck Norris of spearguns.


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Carbon 90 – twin 16mm rubber, Carbon 100 – twin 16mm rubber, Carbon 110 – twin 16mm rubber, Carbon 120 – twin 16mm rubber, Carbon 130 – twin 16mm rubber, Carbon 140 – twin 16mm rubber, Carbon 160 – twin 16mm rubber


Blue camo, Black carbon gold decals, Black carbon blue decals


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