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If you’re looking for the absolute top of the range fins, fins that’ll never give up on you, then look no further!

DiveR are renown to be some of the best Spearfishing fins in the world and for good reason, not only are the exceptionally lightweight, they have a fantastic energy return rate meaning you can go further for longer. Less cramps, less fatigue and more spearfishing!

The Innegra models are the armoured version of carbons! They have the same efficiency as carbon blades, but the innegra inlay turn these fins into tanks. They aren’t brittle like their full carbon cousins and will handle anything you’ll throw at them!

If youโ€™re trying to figure out the best fins for you and your budget but are struggling to cut through all the marketing bumf, then checkout the guide below at the bottom of the page.ย  Give us a few minutes of your time and youโ€™ll be a spearfishing fin guru in no time! Click here to read our latest guide for 2024

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