Cressi SL Star Pneumatic speargun


Gun Rigging service- Double Wrapped Mono with muzzle bungee

A double wrap is ideal for guns fitted with twin bands as this will allow you to make the most of the extra range provided by the additional power.

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The Cressi SL Star is one of many pneumatic spearguns made by Cressi that have won worldwide fame for their manufacturing quality in terms of robustness, reliability, precision and powerful shooting.

Continuing to be updated and improved upon over the years, the SL Star speargun is ultra light, easy to use, and fires quickly. It comes with an anatomical high grip butt which enables the speargun to be held in line with the arm. This takes no extra effort!

The bright yellow colour to the gun means you can easily find the gun if it accidentally ends up on the sea bottom.

On the bottom of the butt there is a strong line hook for shaft loading.

The SL Star is fitted with a safety catch, and when the trigger is pulled it frees the line releasing device. It also comes with an 8 mm threaded steel shaft. Stainless steel shafts are available separately.

Technical specifications

  • Pneumatic speargun
  • 13mm internal barrel
  • 8mm threaded steel shaft
  • Trigger safety catch
  • Strong line hook for shaft loading

This gun does not come rigged from the manufacturer. We can rig it for you at a small charge to cover the time it takes. We will also upgrade to high quality Rob Allen 2mm mono and crimps with a single wrap.

A muzzle bungee is not provided by the manufacturer of this gun, but we feel it’s an essential upgrade if you want to avoid stressing when rigging your gun in the water after a shot. The bungee allows you to quickly pop your shooting line on the line release ready for your next shot. Without a bungee this can be a very fiddly and annoying job – especially with gloves on.


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