Custom Sandwich Neoprene Suits

Here you’ll find our selection of customised wetsuits. You’ll be able to select designs, neoprene and whether you want them tailored to your specific dimensions.

Any custom suit is non returnable so please follow the measurement guides carefully.

Polosub are well known in the Spearfishing world. They offer a multitude of different styles of suits, from double lined, to sandwich. The neoprene used is unknown, but from personal experience, one of the best. A denser neoprene with low compression rates compared to many off the shelf suits. 22 measurements are needed for a tailored suit.

Directions on how to take measurements for a Polosub suit can be found here

XT diving are a greek brand who specialise in minute detailing making sure their products are absolutely perfect. They offer many styles of wetsuits, though no sandwich neoprenes are available. XT offer a choice of neoprene styles, depending on the suit, you can choose from Daiwabo, Heiwa, Sheico or Yamamoto. 31 measurements are needed for a tailored suit.

Estimated Wait Times (product lead times will be more precise) :

POLOSUB: 6 weeks

XT Diving: 4-6 weeks

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