Pathos Medi Spearfishing Wetsuit Jacket


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Pathos MEDI is full anatomic, SHEICO open-cell neoprene interior/lycra Camo lining exterior, wetsuit. Elastic and very durable fabric, fine stitching and double layer gluing.  The wetsuit features snap-clip tail closure, anti-slip sternal pad, elbows and knees protection. Excellent thermal protection and comfort, quick drying due to the lycra fabric.

Available in 3,0mm, 5,0mm & 7mm

Pathos R & D department, developing a new camu that would comply with the needs of today’s spearo,  started working on the colors of Epinephelous Malabaricus  (Malabar Grouper).  Filtering the graphics, we came with three camouflage pigmentations for different environments where the use of special coloring is suggested. MEDI camu is ideal for spearfishing the Mediterranean and the South and North Oceans where sea water is colder.



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