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Slippy Wetsuit Lube


Use 8-10g per litre of water. A tub of slippy will make approximately 15-16 litres

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The Slippy wetsuit lube is a powdered lubricant that provides the highest quality for your wetsuit – with no smell and no irritation to the skin!

It is very easy to prepare and extremely cost effective. Just a single bottle can create over 16 litres of wetsuit lubricant.

The Slippy wetsuit lube is ideal for travel and is easy to store with your diving gear – that’s one less thing to have to buy when you arrive!

The Slippy lubricant prevents microbial infections, and it does this in two ways:

  1. Water is unable to penetrate into hair follicles, and in fact it does the opposite. The water is thickened so that it prevents penetration into the hair follicles.
  2. The Slippy lubricant provides zero energy (food) to bacteria preventing ‘bacterial bloom’ within your suit.

Biodegradable – but only if additional energy sources are present.

Watch this fantastic video review from Daniel Mann – watch from 2:15.