Wetsuit Advice


Firstly, thank you for looking at our suits to buy! If you’re unsure on sizing, please get in contact and our fantastic service team will be able to talk you through it!

As per our website, we have a 30-day no quibble returns policy if you change your mind. However, if the wetsuit has been damaged in any way then unfortunately, we are unable to accept it back. To avoid this situation, please follow these instructions when trying your suit on for the first time:

  • DO use a mix of warm water and hair conditioner to lubricate the wetsuit by trying it on in the (running) shower. The open cell nature of these wetsuits means that they stick to skin incredibly well and are almost impossible to not damage if you don’t lubricate them and so it is important that the entire inside of the suit is soaked through first.
  • DO NOT use washing up liquid. This degrades the neoprene and is harmful to the skin.
  • DO NOT touch the inside of the wetsuit. They are incredibly prone to tearing and even the slightest contact from fingernails can rip into the material.
  • DO NOT pull on the beaver tail when removing the wetsuit. The best way to take off the jacket is to take hold of the lower outside part, gather it and raise it up to your armpits. Once there, begin to pull the bottom of the jacket over your elbows using them and your hands to shrug the wetsuit over your head, turning it inside out. Once your head is out, pull out one arm at a time. Again, be very careful not to touch the inside of the suit.
  • DO NOT pinch the outside of the suit when rolling the sleeves on. Use the palm of the hand to do this.
  • DO NOT try the trousers on if you wish to return. Due to hygiene, we are unable to accept worn pants back. If the jacket fits, the trousers will almost always fit.
  • For checking trousers, please hold the trousers up against you to estimate length and width.

We are extremely careful with how we treat and package our wetsuits and so unfortunately if they are returned damaged we will have no other choice than to return it to you and not issue a refund. Each wetsuit is checked before we ship it and after we receive a return. For the happiness of everybody involved, we ask that you carefully read and adhere to the above. As ever, if you have any queries or need some help please feel free to contact us.

Otherwise, enjoy your new suit. We hope it brings you many adventures and fish!

The Spearfishing UK Team.