Moray Weedline Camo 5mm


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Moray suits are seriously hardcore. Not only are they exceptionally comfortable, they are hard wearing.  If you’re after a suit known for durability then 100% put this on your short list to check out.

To aid in comfort, Moray have tailored the suit anatomically for the best possible fit. The back and shoulders have been shaped to allow a greater freedom of movement. The hood has been styled through experience, allowing you to feel the most relaxed in the water.

For durability, Moray hand glue and top stitch each suit. The knees are reinforced so that they are highly unlikely to be nicked when crawling along the seabed. The beaver tail is also reinforced to make sure the open cell neoprene won’t tear when getting in or out of your suit.

For convenience, each Moray suit has a build in pouch that you would be able to place items such as knives or torches.

Our team diver, Matt, has been using the Pelagic reef suit for quite some time now. His words; “the most comfortable suit I’ve ever owned, it fits me perfectly, especially for being off the shelf! I’ve been stabbed with bass spines, slid over rocks and accidentally prodded myself with a spear tip. There’s no marks on the suit that suggest otherwise!”


SizeHeight  (cm)Weight (kg)
Weight3 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 30 cm

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