Rob Allen Remora Inflatable Float – 11 litre


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Rob Allen Remora float – 11 litres

  • Inflatable 11l spearfishing float
  • Inflated via a standard car tire value
  • Heavy duty loops on each end
  • Heavy duty long line clips on each loop


The 11l may be the baby of the remora family however it shows no evidence of this in its performance.

This version seems to be the choice for the purist’s out there as it offers the least drag of any model and is more than capable dealing with any UK specimens.

The first thing to understand is that this float is completely different to most other floats you see in the shops.  The material, design and build quality are of a premium product that was purposely designed to meet the demands of the hardcore spearo.  The torpedo shape tracks effortless through the choppiest of waters while the heavy duty loops and long line clips make its practical use instinctive and easy.

The size and practicality of these floats make them very popular with boat spearos who don’t need to load it up like a mule, and also backpackers as they deflate down to nothing.


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