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Rob Allen Remora Spearfishing Float – 35 litre


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Rob Allen Remora float – 35 litres

  • Inflatable 35l spearfishing float
  • Inflated via a standard car tire value
  • Heavy duty loops on each end
  • Heavy duty long line clips on each loop
  • Big game edition


These spearfishing floats are amongst the best available on the market today and built like tanks.  These are immensely tough made from with low drag hypalon.  The build quality is completely different to the typical floats you see on the shelves.

However it’s not their durability that makes it so popular, it’s their low profile which works on 2 levels.  Firstly it glides effortlessly behind you, cutting through any chop and you often forget it’s there.  Secondly if you tag a large fish then it tracks right through the water minimising the risk of yanking out the spear, especially important with a dodgy shot placement.

The floats now come in a predominantly bright yellow colour for high visibility and stand up straight when a shot fish descends down deep, like a tomb stoning surfboard so your friends know what’s going on.  The general war cry is “The floats are up!”.

The 35l remora spearfishing float is traditionally used for the big game fish.  If you’re chasing incredibly big game fish then combine this with a hard blown float connected via about 3 meters of dyneema core bungee.  However more and more people have started using these in the UK as they really stand out you can attach a lot of gear if you need to.


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