Rob Allen Remora Spearfishing Float – 20 litre


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Rob Allen Remora float – 20 litres

  • Inflatable 20l spearfishing float
  • Inflated via a standard car tire value
  • Heavy duty loops on each end
  • Heavy duty long line clips on each loop


The 20 litre remora float is our best selling size in the UK.  As the float is designed for absolute minimal drag you often forget you are dragging it behind you, even in rough conditions when the swell trying to pull it in the other direction.  The time you really notice the difference is when you are deep down at the bottom of the ocean, your float line is tight and you’re gun is normally tugged out of position by the waves above.  Well the remora cuts through the chop, keeping this annoyance to a minimum, ensuring your shots are on point time and time again.  Combine this with a 1 -3 meters of 9mm dyneema core bungee and you have the ultimate float system covering unexpected deep dives and minimal gun tug from the swell above.

As soon as you are holding one in your hands you will instantly see and feel that these are completely different to what you have been offered by the usual manufacturers.  The materials and build quality are not designed be cheap, they are designed to be the best and that’s what they are.

Complete with heavy duty loops and long line clips on each side for attaching your float line and all your other bits like stringer and bug net etc


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