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Epsealon Mini Patrol


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The patrols little brother.

  • Floats 0.7mm PVC Tarpaulin ultra resistant with PU protection all around type waterline.
  • Swimming cushion and floor 0.7mm PVC Tarpaulin ultra resistant.
  • 2 inflation valves PRO type pneumatic boat.
  • 2 shark fins for drift control.
  • 1 comfort handle.
  • 40cm height mast with solide base for maintain.
  • Speargun hanger system with auto blocker olives.
  • Big multi purpose room in front.
  • PVC and nylon upper skirt maintained by 5 D-rings with two big scratched pockets for smaller equipment.
  • Waterproof phone case with strapped on the upper skirt.
  • 2 shoulder straps type backpack (shoulder straps not included)
  • Dimensions:ย 64x80cm.
  • Weight: 3 kg.