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Epsealon Flat Board float


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  • Double bladder safety buoy
  • Colour: orange
  • PVC inner tube
  • Nylon external bladder
  • Comes with 17m of orange line
  • One set of straps to maintain one speargun each side
  • Fix small pieces equipment on top using the elastic straps
  • **Supplied with red and white flag (not blue and white as pictured)**

This double bladder safety buoy by Epsealon features a PVC inner tube and a nylon external bladder.ย  It comes in this bright orange colour for greater visibility.

The flat safety buoy offers superior resistance, while its smooth surface aids movement out on the water.

We supply this buoy with 17m of orange line and a red and white flag, perfect for notifying boats there’s a diver below the water so they’ll steer clear.

The buoy features one set of straps to maintain one speargun each side.

The laced straps on top of the buoy are perfect for securing small items of equipment.

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This float does come with its own float line, however it is known to tangle easily. Why not add some Rob Allen Heavy duty Float line.