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Rob Allen 9mm Dyneema Core Bungee


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Rob Allen 9mm Dyneema Core Bungee

These bungees have really taken off in recent years for both the UK and the big stuff abroad.  They can attach between your float line and your float or more effectively, between your float line and speargun.

The main thing to know about them is whichever size you order, they stretch 3 times longer when pulled before becoming fixed by the dyneema.  The dyneema has a breaking strain of 600lbs so you know you can count on it for pretty much anything in the ocean.

UK spearfishing:

In the UK for the shore diver, it’s a great way to cover those unexpected deep dives that you may occasionally push for.  If you run a 15 – 20 meter float line, simply add a 3 meter bungee and you’re covered for 9 more meters without the hassle of having your float trailing too far behind.

Another massive benefit is when you’re in choppy conditions.  You dive down and the swell above starts yanking the float line and pulling on your gun.  This is especially frequent if you use a larger dive master instead of a float.  The bungee keeps this to a minimum as it’s the elastic that gets worked instead of your wrist.

This set up is the preferred rig for the Spearfishing UK guys.

Blue water spearfishing:

The whole idea behind this system is that the fish gets played and worn down by fighting the bungee, it gets played a bit like being on a rod.

You don’t have to worry about the spear being suddenly yanked out of the fish as it charges off.  This whole system plays your fish smartly and maximises your chances of landing it, especially if the shot placement isn’t perfect and looks delicate.

Its also a great way to have extra line without having to drag it around everywhere.  Remember you can have 30 meters of line tucked away in 15 meters of bungee – amazing!

Dimensions 5 cm

1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m