Omer Blackstone FULL Wetsuit Size 2 & 4/ 5mm


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EAN: N/A SKU: N/A Categories: , Omer blackstone wetsuit is one of the most popular wetsuits you can buy today. The unique design is characterised by its camouflage shades of black and grey. The overall look is very discrete and serves to break up the figure of the diver by removing any reference to the eyes of any prey.

The open cell/lined neoprene material features a photographic camouflage pattern. This provides a 3D or tri-dimensional effect! The extra stretchy nylon is extremely comfortable and has an open cell interior and nylon exterior lining.

Additional features

  • Open cell inside
  • Reinforced loading pad
  • Abrasion resistant knees
  • Thick loading chest pad
  • Extra stretchy outer nylon for superior comfort
  • Thickness available – 3, 5 and 7mm

Check out the video below to see the Omer blackstone wetsuit in action!


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