Jak Boeno Thermoskin Karma Wetsuit 5mm


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The latest Thermoskin wetsuit tailored by Jak Boeno.

Neoprene: Yamamoto

Cut: High waist pants

Thickness: 5mm

These really are some of the nicest suits we have seen in a long time.  Jak is well known for his attention to detail and this clearly shows throughout his wetsuit range.

Back in the day when the sport was being developed.  Many leading hunters were pushing their books while Jak was giving all his information away for free in the interests of safety and progression of the sport.  Over the decades he has continued his passion and developed a reputation for quality of over profit.

The wetsuit material: Yamamoto neoprene

Made from the latest Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, this is considered one of the highest performance materials on the market and more importantly is an environmentally conscious choice.  Yamamoto has been continually developed since 1961 so has a long standing reputation.

An environmentally conscious choice:

It’s a limestone based neoprene, not an oil based one meaning it uses far less energy for its raw material extraction.  Its foot print is further reduced by its factory being powered by 100% renewable energies.

Moulds to your body:

Another reason Jak works with this material is that it has a memory to it.  The limestone neoprene will actually mould to your body the more you wear it.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s not like putting on a pair of those self-tightening Nikes from ‘Back to Future’.  But over time, it does happen.  As we know, the better fitting the wetsuit, the warmer it will be.

These suits are known for absorbing less water, drying faster and being more effective against wind chill.

These suits really do look incredible in the flesh, the marketing photos don’t do them justice.  We’ll try to get some more ‘real life’ pictures up soon.  However if you are passing the shop, we highly recommend you pop in, hold one in your hands and see for yourself.

You can also buy the matching gloves when you order this wetsuit. Please choose your size from the drop down.



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