Picasso Nylon Cordura Belt


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Picasso Cordura Belt with Nylon buckle

– High quality, durable nylon weight belt

– Quick release buckle system for emergencies

– Lower cost than rubber weight belts

Nylon belts represent the entry level materials used in dive belts. These are cheap and cheerful, and will get the job done within a tight budget. In an ideal world, Spearfishing UK recommend a rubber weight belt if possible. The problem with nylon belts is that the weights are prone to moving around during your dive and this becomes frustrating over time. Rubber weight belts tend to hold the weights firmly in position, however they are more expensive. Also, the elastic nature of the rubber belts promotes an easier breath up process before your dive, aiding bottom time and comfort.


Belt Buckle Material

Glass Reinforced Nylon

Belt Material


Belt Buckle Type

Clasp/airplane style

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