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Rob Allen rubber spearfishing belt


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Rob Allen spearfishing weight belt

Like most of Rob’s spearfishing gear there is more than meets the eye with his weight belt.

Firstly it is made from from heavy duty, hard wearing rubber with just enough elasticity to complete its main purpose – safety. ย Nylon belts swivel around the body as you swim and when your body compresses as you dive. ย The fact they are quick release bears no importance when the buckle is above your back side!

This rubber belt keeps everything in the exactly the same position that you put it in. ย So if the time ever comes that you need to pop the buckle, it happens instinctively and swiftly.

The purposely small holes combined with the belt pin sticking out out 90 degrees to the buckle ensures the risk of re-engagement is minimal.

There is also a roller bar on the buckle, whist always releasing on demand, will not open when dragged past rocks or the gunnel of a boat.

More than just a weight belt…



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