Pathos Ultra Spearfishing Wetsuit


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Ultra Wetsuit is a 2-piece spearfishing wetsuit. It’s made of Neoprene and eco-friendly glued.

Smooth Skin outer, improves movements in the water.
Open Cell inner, very warm.
New Sheiko type Y, suitable also for Deep dives with small difference of buoyancy.

The suit is available in 2 pieces, JACKET and PANTS.

The SMOOTH SKIN parts are combined with Lycra on the front chest and on the bottom / back part of the jacket. On these parts, there is a chest pad for loading the gun, made of 7mm neoprene & rubber pad.
On the bottom / back, there are some rubber strips, which have grip on the weight belt to seat on a boat and to avoid sliding.
On the elbow and knees, the material used is SUPRATEX, for resistance to cuts and abrasions.
Preformed, ergonomically designed, which makes the suit very similar to “on measures“ suit.
The inside part of ears, is made of LYCRA for an anti-squeeze system.
Thinner face and legs / arms edge, seals with high quality finishing.
The wetsuit features clip closure.

New Graphics on the back, to make the diver visible during diving, and red parts, also visible from the surface for SAFETY. Red graphics on arms, visible out of the water.

Jacket & Pants available in 5mm , 7mm and 8.50mm.
Pants available in 5mm and 7mm.

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