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Titanall Full Titanium Trigger Mechanism with Fins (Easy Install)


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This full titanium trigger mech comes with two screw mounts on the top of the trigger mechanism, meaning these are exceptionally easy to install.

The lightweight, and compact design will allow you to reduce the weight of your speargun, either for lightweight set ups, or to allow you to configure your ballast to the exact amount you need, much more precisely than if you used steel parts. Titanium also has the benefit of being a metal that will not rust up.

SHORT FIN MECHANISM EXCLUSIVE TITANALL PRODUCT 100% AEROSPACE TITANIUM Dimensions 17.5 x 50; Thickness 14 Material Titanium Aereospace Main material for airliners and fighter aircraft components. Aerospace Titanium was created to withstand very high pressures and extreme climatic factors. The material that every professional has always wanted. Another feature of titanium is its incredibly lower weight than common metals. Both the material and our processes are entirely ecological, according to strict regulations for respecting the environment