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HeadHunter Nomad ROLLER Polespear


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Built on the existing NOMAD platform, the new NOMAD Roller Polespear is a game changer. With increased range, more power and speed on long shots as well as being travel friendly, this polespear is hard to pass up. The Roller section features saltwater tolerant ball bearings, a customized power band for optimal performance and a comfortable coated wrist strap with a D-Ring attachment for float lines and belt reels. In addition, spare parts for all NOMAD Polespears are interchangeable. Replacement parts for the Roller section will be available to purchase as well. This includes Wrist Straps, Power Bands and Roller Kits.

At the front section we have a 9″ grip, an 18″ x 5/16″ heat treated injector rod, and a beefed up slip tip. The spear can be configured as a 8′ or 9’spear (not including the 18″ of tip and injector) by combining the 3′ front, 3′ back and optional 2′ or 3′ mid sections.

All pole spears will ship with the new Warhead Slip Tip system!