Meandros D.I.Y Trigger Mechanism- Type L


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Mechanism L is premier, timeless,  D.I.Y. mechanism models

For easy, fast and simple placement in the body of the gun to avoid difficulties, avoiding mistakes, failures and complex placement procedures, it was optionally designed and accompanied by (caliber, form, model) positioning.

The design innovations, the pioneering cartridge shape as well as the design, operation, assembly and mounting style have been established internationally to such an extent that competitors have imitated and followed.

Inverted, ergonomic design with an 8 cm heavy shaft hook, and extremely high leverage for unaffected high load sensitivity, combined with robust, high quality workmanship with low work profile, increased durability with excellent ease of use and functionality.

With 2 horizontal shaft points with a perpendicular axis to the gun body, combined with the use of a positioning form, the process and positioning accuracy is simplified and successfully crowned even by those without specialized skills and professional equipment.

It cooperates with European & American type shafts, with the possibility of clamped line in the tail of the shaft. The indentation at the back of the trigger gives elegance with minimal weight, is a patented visual feature point of our mechanisms.

The line release is horizontal, ambidextrous with spring assist, mechanical, with no problems of release and reset. It operates on the side of the mechanism and the sliding window is covered with a groove.