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Meandros 7.5cm Reverse Trigger Mech for Rob Allen Spearguns


Make your speargun act 7.5cm longer!
*May need slightly longer bands*

In stock, yours in 1-4 days

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A 9cm reverse trigger mech to fit all Rob Allen Spearguns!

Mechanism type: Inverted, heavy duty, compatible with thermoplastic handles.

Mechanism features: Built-in, durable arm heel. Upper operating system with pushers & automatic centering of shaft at its entrance.

Type of line release: Automatic mechanical.

Holding type: With pin in pre-existing hole of handle.

Leverage: High, unaffected sensitivity to heavy loads.

Shaft compatibility: European & American type.

Positioning: Simple,very easy.

Fitting Position: In pre-existing handle mechanism recess.

Shaft hook: A special type that self-centers the shaft at its entrance.

Material:  inox  316 marine type

Floatability: – 52 gr.