Salvimar Ares Nightmare Speargun


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According to ApneaPassion Magazine, this gun is labelled a “Masterpiece”, and for the price, we agree.

This speargun is exceptionally lightweight in the water but maneuverability at the forefront. The latest Nightmare version features twin 14mm Primeline rubber and a 7mm shaft for extra power and longevity over the standard ARES model.  The two 14mm rubbers are easy to load and plenty of power for UK fish and many reef fish abroad.

We have thoroughly tested the Salvimar Ares speargun and have been amazed at its performance, for the price its easily the best speargun under £200 and beats plenty of guns in the £300-400 too. The gun has excellent balance in the water and is laser accurate, combine that with the unique barrel design that makes this gun just as buoyant in the water as many £600+ wood and carbon guns on the market. You barely have to hold the gun steady and it sits exactly where you want it, making it super easy to place your shot and move the gun around quickly.

Generally speaking most aluminium spearguns dont really offer much differences aside from bands, spears and overall quality, however the Ares is a step forward in design and performance that truly will give you an edge to catch more fish.

This gun is available in universal and right handed – contact us for more info, our standard stock is fitted with the universal grip and right hand grip options will be backordered – see estimated delivery

  • R.F.S.C (Rolling, Friction, Self-Centring) release mechanism
  • Self-centring release system with rolling friction
  • Shaft with line-of-sight collimation system
  • Adjustable trigger M.I.M Technology
  • Anodised barrel with elliptical section and external stiffening ribs
  • Perfect hydrostatic balance with 7mm shaft supplied as standard
  • Twin 14mm Primeline dipped latex rubber
  • Compatible with all Salvimar reels
  • Compatible with all Salvimar shafts
  • Muzzle with separate holes for 14/16 mm bands
  • Perfect shaft-bands alignment
  • Increased sideline passage to facilitate the fixing of the shaft
  • Integrated spear guide
  • Customizable sideline release right left
  • Fixing ring under the stainless-steel handle 4mm thick
  • Shaft length calculated to avoid the O-ring for closing the wing
  • Rear sight for easy aiming




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