Picasso Magnum BW Invert Roller


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Gun Rigging service- Double Wrapped Dyneema

Why not add a muzzle bungee to extend the lifetime of the shooting line and make it easier to load the shooting line onto the line release? Find muzzle bungees here

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Picasso’s carbon invert roller mixes a perfect amount of agility and power.

To aid in tracking, Picasso have designed this speargun with a cuttlefish barrel that slices through. The invert roller muzzle is light, which reduces the weight on your wrists, prolonging your dive before fatigue.

Lengths 85, 95 and 105cm comes with triple 14.5mm bands and a 7mm spear.

Lengths 120, 130, 140 come with triple 16mm bands and a 7.5mm spear.



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