Orca Evo 100


  • Body: carbon fibre 100%
  • Paint finish: custom painted to your specification in the Orca style.
  • Handle: PU resin, not detachable
  • Total length: 18,5 cm (without spear)
  • Band stretch: 102 cm
  • Approx’ weight depending on configuration: 2800 gr
  • Reel: Ermes horizontal, capacity 100m & 60m, 1,5mm reel line (reel line not included)
  • Bands: Sigalsub reactive 16mm standard i.d. or 14,5mm small i.d.
  • Spear: inverted flopper 125×7,5mm / 130×7,5mm
  • Trigger mechanism: Ermes double roll
  • Custom order: 30-40 days build time

Pre-order now! |Custom ordered and can take up to 40 days!

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Custom guns, made to order.

Delivery in 30-40 days.

Chose your own custom paint finish in the Orca style.  Check out their Instagram for inspiration.

Make no mistake, these guns are the result of engineering, innovation and passion.


Complete (gun, shaft, bands, reel), Gun + Reel (no bands, no shaft), Gun Only (no bands, no shaft, no reel)


Barrel length

Material (spearguns)

Spear Size

125 x 7.5mm, 130 x 7.5mm

Band Thickness


Band Type

Barrel Type

Flopper Style

Handle Style

Line Release Type

Rubber Manufacturing Style


No. of bands

Spear Steel

Spear Style

Speargun Type

Trigger Mechanism Material

Trigger Mechanism Style

Wishbone Type