Labrax Falcon Open Speargun


Gun Rigging service- Single Wrapped Mono with bungee

Add this option if you would like us to rig your gun with a single wrap of mono! We'll include a muzzle bungee to make loading the mono onto the line release and prolong the life of the shooting line.

Crabb SpearSling - Red

The perfect strap to carry your speargun in style! Check our the blue version here!

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Rob Allen Speargun GoPro mount

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– Version 2
– Aluminium barrel with rail
– Stainless steel mechanism
– Single 14mm Dunlop Rubber. Extruded with dyneema wishbones
– 6.5 mm notched stainless steel spear
– Easy change to closed or open muzzle

A great starter gun that moves away from the cheap and cheerful beginner features such as metal wishbones and plastic mechanisms. This gun is an ideal starting point and our cheapest railgun that we stock, meaning you wont need to buy a new gun to get better features.

As this gun is setup with a smoother notched spear able to take a dyneema wishbone this means you can upgrade the band easily for more power and repair it on the go without having to worry.



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