Rob Allen Wetsuit Digital Green Camo


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Rob Allen Wetsuit Digital Green Camo – 5mm

Hands down one of the best camouflages for the UK kelp.  Like all RA equipment these suits are super tough and hard wearing, while managing to remain incredibly flexible and smooth fitting.  These open cell wetsuit’s will keep you toasty warm even when the water temp drops at the end of the season.


Made from Japan’s premium Yamamoto Neoprene type #39, the world’s leading neoprene fabric available in 5mm thickness.
Specially designed camo pattern allows the diver to disappear into multiple UK and cold water environments making it perfect for ambush type spearfishing in reef situations.
A perfect combination of materials with Polyester to provide abrasion resistance, plus Spandex Nylon makes the wetsuit super comfortable and hard wearing
• Green 5mm feature an Open Cell inner and are fully glued and double blind stitched for
maximum durability and warmth.
• Ultra-high stretch fabric provides maximum comfort whilst still maintaining the most effective
thermal properties
• Pre-formed cut in jackets and long-johns to create a better fit and allows for greater maneuverability
• Double layered chest loading pads and kneepads for maximum comfort and protection
• Green 5mm include full long-johns


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