Mares Illusion open cell wetsuit



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The Mares Illusion open cell wetsuit has an amazing camouflage design with genuine photographic quality. The neoprene of the wetsuit is open cell inside and lined on the outside.

The Mares Illusion has protection on the knees and is made with a polyurethane layer of octagons. The same material is used for the sternal protection and has an anti-slip function.

Around the waist the Mares Illusion uses a solution which is different to most of its competitors. The front profile is higher than the rear, and has greater emphasis on covering the stomach more than the back.

Technical specifications

  • Neoprene: Micro-cellular Medium density
  • Internal neoprene: Open cell
  • External lining: Polyester
  • Differentiated thickness: No
  • Folded neoprene: No
  • Sternal protection: Yes internal (9.5 x 18.5 cm) with 3 mm thick pad and external
  • Polyurethane print
  • Knee protection: Yes (9.5 x 19 cm) with polyurethane print
  • Back and underarm: Central stitching on back and small rhomboidal part underarm
  • Neoprene of lower jacket: Only on beaver tail and single button area
  • Beaver tail closure: Single button
  • Waist height: 42 cm back 47 cm front
  • Seams on chin: Yes, small and well refined
  • Standard and tailor made: Only standard
  • Camouflage: Yes, innovative and realistic sea bottom print on beige lining
  • Elastic band for trousers: No
  • Jacket and trousers purchasable separately: Yes
  • Available thicknesses: 3 and 5 mm pants, 3, 5 and 7 mm jacket
  • Special camouflage print of sea bottom on beige lining

Size variants – 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (see chart for more information)


Wetsuit garment

Farmer john trousers, High waist trousers, Jacket

Wetsuit Size

Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6


3mm, 5mm, 7mm

Wetsuit colour

Reef camo