Epsealon Brown Fusion 5mm Jacket/ Size 2- Repaired


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Please read the wetsuit advice and returns policy page before ordering.

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Epsealon BrownFusion Wetsuit – available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm

This is another great wetsuit from Epsealon, made from Yamamoto 39 neoprene, a Japanese-made rubber that is flexible and durable, making it particularly well suited to spearfishing. This features an open cell interior and a nylon covered exterior.  It’s available in 3, 5 and 7mm, so wherever you’re spearfishing, there’s a thickness that’s ideal for your needs.

It features hard wearing knee pads on the suit which go all the way down to the ankle and protect your shins. The stitching of the suit is covered in liquid polyurethane which stops the wetsuit from fraying and adds extra durability. The bottom of the jacket and beaver tail are double lined for extra durability and to prevent damage to the open cell interior when taking the suit off.  This wetsuit also features loading reinforcement on the chest, making gun loading easier. The SCS  braided sleeves on the wrists, ankles and hood helps prevent any water entering the wetsuit.

Comfortable and convenient 

This wetsuit has high waist paints and a jacket with a double clip beaver tail. Having the separate jacket and pants over the long john version has several benefits. This set up makes it easier to breath and a lot of spearos find them more comfortable. The other benefit is that it’s much easier to ‘do your business’ without having to take the full wetsuit off! You have the option to mix and match the jacket and pant sizing to get the best possible fit.

An environmentally conscious purchase!

Yamamoto is a limestone-based neoprene not an oil based one.  Amongst other things this means that it uses far less energy to harvest the raw materials and create.  Furthermore, the Yamamoto factory in Japan is powered by 100% renewable energy.  If you are as passionate about our planets future as we are, then this will weigh heavily on your purchasing decision.

Moulds to your body!

This wetsuit material has a memory and over time actually moulds to the curves and contours of your body resulting in a snugger fit.  As we know, the better fitting the wetsuit, the warmer it is.  As if you didn’t need more of an excuse to go spearfishing more often 🙂


These suits are known for absorbing less water, drying faster and being more effective against wind chill than traditional neoprene wetsuits.  They also use nitrogen bubbles in its inner core to create an improved insulation heat barrier.

This is a fantastic wetsuit which provides great mobility underwater, improved heat retention and a better wearing experience.

Additional information:

  • Yamamoto® 039 neoprene
  • Polyester spandex 019 camo outside / split inside
  • Ergonomic and preformed cut of the legs and arms
  • SCS * sleeves on wrists, ankles and hood
  • PowerTex type knee protection
  • 5mm neoprene loading reinforcement with PowerTex coating
  • Subcutaneous and bottom of jacket equipped with a braid and lined on two sides

Please note that you can also order the matching gloves for this Red Fusion wetsuit. Please choose a size from the options.


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