Jak Boeno Quartz Black 5mm Wetsuit


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Please read the wetsuit advice and returns policy page before ordering.

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100% Jako rubber – unique insulation and high stretching factor. Extra durability under pressure – additional insulation and comfort compared to other rubber foam of same the thickness.

An environmentally conscious purchase!

Jako is a limestone-based neoprene not an oil based one.  Amongst other things this means that it uses far less energy to harvest the raw materials and create.

Jersey fabric

Woven microfiber polyester and Invista Lycra®

The jersey fabric used in the making of Quartz Green provides superb elastic stretch in every direction. It holds a minimum amount of water with its silky texture. The Jak Boeno® original design is printed on the raw fabric with UV resistant colours of 4-5 fastness. This prevents the colours from fading and the fabric from turning white when stretched.

Chest Pad

The new rubber chest pad is reinforced with 3mm neoprene. Ultimate comfort when reloading your gun. The pad is heat processed and then sown on the suit.

Elbows and knees

They are protected with a new rubber pad. Pads are heat processed on the jersey.

The Jak Boeno Quartz Green matching gloves can also be purchased when buying this wetsuit. Please choose the correct size from the options.

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