Epsealon 3mm Wetsuit Jacket Blue Fusion


  • Neoprene Yamamoto® 039
  • Camo polyester spandex 019 outer / open cell interior.
  • Ergonomic and preformed cut arms.
  • SCS * sleeves to the wrists and hood.
  • 5mm neoprene loading pad with PowerTex cover.
  • Beavertail and bottom jacket braided and lined both sides.
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Top-of-the-line 3mm wetsuit jacket in blue by Epsealon

This Epsealon Fusion jacket is built from Yamamoto’s 39 neoprene, generally regarded as one of the best materials on the market for spearfishing wetsuits.  It provides a good balance of warmth, flexibility, durability and buoyancy.

This jacket has an open cell interior that sits flush with your skin, creating a watertight seal and generating warmth via tiny air buttles in the neoprene.

Epsealon cut this jacket with ergonomic and pre-formed arms.  It also features SCS sleeves to the wrists and hood.

Note: This listing is for the wetsuit jacket only.  We also sell the matching pants.

Please see the images for sizing or drop us an email with your measurements.

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