Epsealon Taki Knife with Arm Strap


  • 440C Marine Grade Stainless Steel Blade
  • Hardness rating:  HRC 57-59
  • PP Handle with red marker
  • Total length of the knife:  17cm
  • Blade length: 7cm
  • Blade width:  2cm
  • Needle-point blade type with one side serrated and the other very sharp.  Very effective for perforating.
  • Ultra-compact sheath with an ergonomic red button
  • Easy-to-release blade.  Can be clipped two ways.
  • Sheath supplied with two types of sport, belt-holder and bra-holder.
  • Supplied with stretch & comfort arm strap
  • Arm strap:  5cm x 41cm

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Epsealon Taki Knife with Arm Strap

Epsealon chose 440c stainless steel for this spearfishing knife.  This type of stainless steel has a very high carbon content and is resistant to corrosion.  It also has the highest strength, hardness and wear resistance of all the stainless alloys and is frequently used in knife making.

This type of stainless steel is ‘marine grade’, which means it’s widely used in nautical applications.

After rigorous testing, the stainless steel has been given a hardness rating of HRC 57-59.  This is a premium rating,

The blade has been formed into a needle-sharp point, making it very effective for perforating.  One side is sharpened and the other is serrated.   The blade is very easy to release and can be clipped in two ways.

The knife features a PP handle with a red marker.  It comes in an ultra-compact sheath with an ergonomic red button. The sheath comes with two types of support, a belt holder and a bra holder.

The spearfishing blade is supplied with a stretch and comfort arm strap that measures 5cm by 41cm.

This knife also fits the Epsealon weight vest and makes a great little UK dispatching knife.

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