Picasso Tiger Knife Magnetic Sheath


In stock (can be backordered)

Ultra low profile knife for minimal drag and tangle risk

Ultra low profile magnetic sheath secures blade

Attaches to belt or leg / arm with the included straps

Spear extraction tool

At Spearfishing UK it’s no secret that we love our low profile knives.  The main benefit relates to safety; a low profile knife is far less likely to get line wrapped / snagged.  This is obviously more of a concern when fighting heavier fish but is something that should be on every spearo’s personal risk assessment.  Aside that, the low profile means next to no drag which helps towards conserving energy for easier bottom times.

The Mag-Sheath is one of Picasso’s many innovations and means you don’t need to clip the knife in anywhere to secure it.  The magnets secure it in place worry free and also eliminate any rattling that can be experienced when dive knifes use plastic sheath cases.

We recommend adding a dyneema loop to the handle as soon as you receive it to make it easier to extract when needed, otherwise it can be a bit fiddly. Like always, rinse and dry your knifes to prevent the rust.




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