Epsealon Microsub Teflon Knife



  • Teflon coated blade
  • Made from stainless steel W 1,4116
  • Stiffness HRC 56-58
  • ABS handle / stiff sheath PP / PVC straps with plastic buckles
  • The hole in the centre of the blade will help you to grab and pull your arrow
  • Total length of the knife: 14.5 cm; blade length: 6 cm; blade thickness: 3.8 mm; blade width: 23 mm; total weight: 77g; knife weight: 52g.










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Epsealon Microsub Teflon Spearfishing Knife

This spearfishing knife has a stainless steel blade that is coated with Teflon. The hole in the centre of the handle is designed for you to grab easily.ย  It fits the Epsealon weight vest and makes an ideal UK dispatching knife.

Add whetstone to keep your blade razor sharp. Simply check the box above and add this to your order.


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